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If Lard d’Arnad PDO is the King of Valle d’Aosta, Mocetta is definitely the Queen. Originally made curing wild mountain goat leg, today it is made from magatello, a very high quality cut of the beef leg which is lean and without any nerves. After a thorough cleaning, the Mocetta is dry salted and seasoned with local aromatic herbs and wine. It is then placed in dedicated special containers where every other day it is decanted so that the brine can penetrate well into the meat.

The mocetta is depicted in old frescoes in different castles of Valle d’Aosta. Called “motsetta” or “motzetta”, the full name is “morseau de vianda setza”, which literally means a piece of dry meat.

Ingredients: beef, salt, aromatic herbs, dextrose, pepper, antioxidant: E301. Preservative: E250

Shelf life:  90 days from packaging

Storage: between 2° and 4° C

NOT contains Allergens – NO GMOs

Ingredients: pork, salt, dextrose, juniper, aromas, spices. Antioxidant: E300. Preservatives: E252, E250

Shelf life: 90 days from packaging

Storage: between 2° and 4° C

Vacuum packed

It does not contain allergens – NO GMOs

Coppa with Juniper

The Coppa with juniper is one of the oldest and most sought after traditional cured meat products of the Valle d’Aosta. It is made using the pork collar which is cut, trimmed, rubbed and seasoned with salt, local herbs and spices. It is left to rest for four weeks in special salting containers before being bagged and tied by hand. It rests to dry for another three weeks after which the Coppa is set to age for a final four months in the dedicated cellars.

Coppa is a traditional cured meat in many Italian regions where it falls under different names, however Coppa from Valle d’Aosta has an unmistakable flavour given by the juniper used in the seasoning, whose berries provide an incredible freshness and a unique scent.